FQHCs Join Growing Number of Florida HIE Service Subscribers

Aug 10, 2018 | In the news

Florida HIE Services is expanding its Encounter Notification Service (ENS®) to federally qualified health centers (FQHCs).

With the support of the Florida Association of Community Health Centers and the Community Health Centers Alliance, over half of Florida’s FQHCs have subscribed or are actively working toward subscribing their patients to ENS. Subscribing to the service will ensure enhanced care coordination and improved care outcomes for over 250,000 additional Floridians. The Florida HIE and its partners are aiming to have over 80% of all FQHCs in the state subscribed to ENS by the end of 2018.

Andy Behrman, President and CEO of the Florida Association of Community Health Centers said, “We are excited to see our members benefiting from Florida HIE Services like ENS. The sharing of data in our communities helps FQHCs meet the health care needs of our state’s uninsured and vulnerable populations.”

ENS delivers over 800,000 notifications a month to subscribers. Notifications are generated on inpatient admissions and discharges and emergency department visits by over 215 participating hospitals throughout the state. Subscribing organizations include FQHCs, health plans, accountable care organizations, provider practices, individual hospitals, and hospital systems. Collectively, these organizations are using ENS to facilitate post-hospital discharge care coordination and reduce avoidable readmissions for over 8 million Floridians.