Health IT experts explain how the Florida HIE can benefit your health care organization.

Untangling HIE in Florida: What is the Encounter Notification Service (ENS)?

Join us twice monthly to learn more about HIE, what is and isn’t HIE, why it’s important to participate, and what benefits come out of it!

Untangling HIE in Florida: ENS 2.0

To help sort out the complexities of HIE we have put together a webinar series called Untangling HIE in Florida.

Interoperability in Florida through National Connections

Learn how Florida is using national connectivity to assist in the exchange of patient records locally and what the future holds for interoperability nationally.

Behavioral Health and the Florida HIE Encounter Notification Service

Learn about the importance of including behavioral health data in health information exchange.

ENS for Primary Care Providers

Learn everything you need to know about ENS, including how it works, data sources, and the impactful ENS has on Primary Care Providers.

Encounter Notification Service (ENS) Optimization for FQHCs

Review the Florida HIE’s latest webinar on how FQHC’s can optimizate the utilization of ENS for better workflow and care coordination outcomes.

CoP Hospital eNotification Webinar

Learn how participating in ENS will help Florida hospitals meet the new CMS Condition of Participation hospital e-notification requirement under the Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule.

Pediatric Virtual Panel

Hosted By Pamela King from AHCA & Aaron Parsons from Audacious Inquiry. Watch to see our special guest! Enjoy!

Encounter Notification Services for Skilled Nursing Facilities 

Learn how the Florida HIE is connecting with and benefitting SNFs across the state.

ENS for Behavioral Health Virtual Panel

See what Behavioral Health Care leaders said about the benefits of the Health Information Exchange’s ENS for providers and patients in our Behavioral Health Virtual Panel video.