Training Library 

Current ENS participants can learn how to better utilize ENS data and manage their subscriptions.

ENS ProMPT – Logging In & Password Reset

Watch this video to learn how to access and login to ProMPT for the first time, as well as how to reset your password.

ENS ProMPT Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to access and navigate the many features of our ENS ProMPT web portal to manage your patient’s encounter alerts and follow-up activities.

ENS ProMPT – Applying Filters

Watch this video to learn how to apply filters in ProMPT to drill-down on specific patient attributes for patient management, follow-up and analysis.

Smart Bar Session – Service Desk Portal

This Smart Bar Session will highlight the Florida HIE’s Service Desk.

  • Benefits of the Service
  • Desk How to gain access
  • Who should have access from your organization
  • Creating a Service Desk ticket
  • Various ticket types
  • Tracking open ticket
  • Comenting on tickets
  • Q&a/mp;A Session and training resources for the Service Desk

Smart Bar Session – PROMPT

This Smart Bar Session will highlight PROMPT

  • Learn how to apply ENS filters
  • Download a report
  • Reset your password
  • Submit a ticket for a new user or password reset
  • Save custom filters
  • Add Care Notes
  • Facility Search

Smart Bar Session – CMS COP

This meeting is hosted by the Florida HIE to highlight the upcoming CMS COP rules. We are going to highlight how these new rules will impact ENS participation and necessary awareness/adjustments that may be necessary for all ENS participants.

Smart Bar Session – ENS Patient Panel Development

  • How to load a file to the Florida SFTP site
    • Location
    • Automated system functionality (size, filename and format)
  • Proper file name and format
    • Avoid UTF-8, just comma delimited format
  • How to set up the file to ensure expedited loading
    • Column headers
    • Member_status (Overwrite files)
  • Frequency panels can be loaded to the Florida HIE’s SFTP site
  • Tips and tricks to avoid file being rejected
    • DOB, Address, Zip Code, SSN
    • Don’t use double quotes in document
    • Blank fields vs ‘NULL’
    • Validate in Notepad
    • Field separators (use of commas within a field)
  • Utilizing Custom Fields/Changing Custom Fields within the panel

Logging Into the Florida HIE ENS SFTP Site

Welcome to the Florida HIE Services ENS SFTP site tutorial. This video will discuss how to log in, upload folders and how to access user management for the Florida HIE SFTP Site.

Florida HIE ENS Smart Bar Session: What’s in an Alert

The Florida Health Information Exchange sends through ADT data on patient encounters. Let’s take a deeper dive into what’s in a ENS alert.

  • Types of data contained in a ENS alert
  • What is an event type?
  • Common segment questions
  • New CMS COP segments
  • So you’ve missed an alert – why?
  • What’s in a MRN?