ENS covers 10M subscribed-to lives, delivers 1.4M alerts every month

Sep 5, 2019 | In the news

The Florida Health Information Exchange announced today that the Encounter Notification Service (ENS) now covers over 10 million subscribed-to lives in the State of Florida.

The Florida HIE Services began offering ENS in 2015 with the goal of improving care coordination, facilitating transitions of care, and promoting appropriate post-discharge follow-up. Over 94% of all acute care hospitals in Florida contribute real-time admit and discharge data to the network, along with most inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and a growing number of skilled nursing facilities across the state. By sharing real-time information about their patients’ encounters, these providers are improving health care for the millions of individuals who receive acute and post-acute care every year in Florida.

Over 130 health care organizations subscribe to ENS in order to receive notifications when their patients are seen at a connected facility. Each organization provides a list of their patients or members on whom they want to receive notifications. When those individuals receive care at a network hospital or post-acute facility, the subscribing organization is alerted about the encounter in real-time. Altogether, these 130 health care organizations have subscribed to 10.7 million lives. Each month, ENS delivers over 1.4 million encounter notifications to subscribing organizations.

Scott Afzal, president of Audacious Inquiry, hailed the recent progress. “The Florida HIE has delivered a breadth of connectivity available in few other states. The health care of millions of Floridians is being improved as a result. We’re proud to serve the health care community and the people of Florida, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this success.” Audacious Inquiry operates the Florida HIE Services under contract with the Agency for Health Care Administration.

Visit https://floridahie.wpengine.com/news-events/testimonials/ to see case studies, webinars, and video testimonials from current Florida HIE Services participants.

For information on how to join the Florida HIE, visit us at www.florida-hie.net or contact us at flhie_info@ainq.com.