Nine Out of Ten of Florida’s Highest-Earning ACOs Use ENS

Nov 4, 2019 | In the news

The results are in and the Medicare Shared Savings Program data for 2018 offers an outstanding demonstration of the ability of health information exchange to reduce costs while improving quality and patient outcomes. The highest performing ACOs in Florida, as measured by both quality and cost savings, are all long-standing participants in the Florida Health Information Exchange. Nine out of the ten highest-earning ACOs in Florida are subscribed to our Encounter Notification Service (ENS), as are eight out of the ten highest-quality ACOs in the state.

ENS provides real-time notice of patient health care encounters at connected hospitals and skilled nursing facilities statewide. Over 95% of acute care hospitals in Florida contribute real-time admit and discharge data, along with 89% of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, and a growing number of skilled nursing facilities and hospice providers. Twenty-five ACOs are currently receiving encounter alerts through the network, which now covers over 12 million subscribed-to lives across the state.

Palm Beach ACO was the highest-earning ACO in the nation in 2018 and has been participating in ENS since it first became available in 2015. Real-time admit and discharge alerts have helped Palm Beach ACO increase Transitional Care Management (TCM) revenue, reduce post-discharge expenditures, and consistently rank as one of the highest-earning and highest-quality ACOs year after year.

David Klebonis, Chief Operating Office of Palm Beach ACO, shared “As an ACO, ENS is our single most valuable service and allows us to provide point of care interventions that we would not have otherwise known existed. After having ENS, we can’t imagine operating an ACO without it.”

Primary Partners ACO in Claremont is another long-standing ENS participant that is using the available data to achieve real improvements in patient care and costs. Dina Lewis, Analytics Program Manager at Primary Partners, said “In our first year of subscribing to ENS through Florida HIE Services, we recognized a dramatic reduction in re-admissions—40% per quarter. This has saved our network close to $284,000 in readmission costs.”

Current and potential ENS participants are welcome to stop by our booth at the upcoming Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs) conference on November 7 – 8 in Orlando to learn more. We’ll have case studies, video testimonials, and an on-demand service demo available. Current participants are also encouraged to visit our booth to meet the team and to make sure we have your subscription optimized for success.
If you’d like to learn more about ENS before the conference, please visit our testimonials page.