The Data Is Coming, The Data Is Coming: Make Hospital Data Work for You Through the Florida HIE

Mar 30, 2021 | In the news

Primary care providers (PCPs) increasingly need to know when their patients receive hospital-based services, including emergency room care. Awareness allows providers to arrange for appropriate follow up care based on each patient’s individual needs. Although section 395.1052, F.S. requires hospitals to share patient care information with the patient’s physician, beginning April 30, 2021, hospitals will be required to send electronic hospital care notifications as part of the updated Conditions of Participation within the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services’ (CMS) Patient Access & Interoperability final rule.

PCPs should prepare to utilize this information to improve patient care while also minimizing impact to current office workflows. An optimal solution to take control of the data is as simple as participating in the Florida Health Information Exchange’s (Florida HIE) Encounter Notification Service (ENS).

ENS gives providers control through timely notifications about hospital and post-acute care encounters. ENS receives admit, discharge, and transfer notifications from over 400 hospitals and other health care facilities across Florida and routes that information based on the provider’s preference. ENS can help you manage the increased information flow that can be expected as hospitals comply with the new requirements.

Additionally, ENS can help PCPs by:

Enabling timely post-discharge follow-up reducing readmissions by 30-50%


Increasing transitional care management (TCM) revenue nearly 25%


Improving clinical quality measure (CQM) reporting


Assist PCPs in qualifying for the new CMS Primary Care First program

To assist PCPs in implementing ENS into their workflows, the Florida HIE has funding available to cover the cost for the first year for Medicaid providers and has a low annual cost thereafter.

How to Get Started?

  1. Contact Florida HIE Services at
  2. Sign or amend the Florida HIE Services Subscription Agreement
  3. Work with Florida HIE team and technical vendor, if applicable to configure alert specifications
  4. Submit patient panel.
  5. Start receiving alerts!