Florida HIE Services News & Press Release

Florida HIE Update: State Gateway is Live

Florida Health Information Exchange Services offers a gateway solution, through Audacious Inquiry, to health care professionals interested in exchanging clinical documentation. The State Gateway, built on industry-leading open source software, allows doctors, nurses,...

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Do You Know Where Your Patients Are?

Learn about how Florida HIE’s Encounter Notification Service (ENS®) can give you real-time insights into your population’s hospital utilization throughout the state.. A representative of the Florida HIE will provide an overview of the service and the proven return on...

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FloridaHealthFinder.gov: Walk Through The Website

Learn how to navigate www.FloridaHealthFinder.gov to find and compare health outcomes, licensure information, inspection reports, pricing, and performance measures for Home Health Agencies, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Ambulatory Surgery Centers,...

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